Introduction to Our Product Line for DC Chargers

Discover EV Solution JO’s cutting-edge DC Chargers, crafted to provide rapid and efficient charging for all electric vehicles. Our DC Chargers are designed for high-performance, delivering quick charging times to get you back on the road faster. Ideal for both commercial and residential use, our chargers are built with advanced safety features and user-friendly interfaces.

Explore our DC Charger lineup and experience the future of fast, reliable EV charging with EV Solution JO.

Wall Station 20 kW and Portable 20 kW Charger

Our Wall Station 20 kW and Portable 20 kW Charger are perfect for those needing a flexible and moderately powerful charging solution. The wall station is designed for fixed installations, offering a steady and reliable charge for residential or small commercial use. On the other hand, the portable 20 kW charger offers versatility, allowing users to charge their vehicles wherever they go. Both options are ideal for daily use, providing a balance between performance and convenience.

Charging Stations: 60 kW to 120 kW

For more demanding applications, our 60 kW and 120 kW charging stations provide a robust solution. These chargers are suitable for commercial settings, fleet operations, and public charging stations. The 60 kW charger offers a quicker turnaround for vehicles needing a faster charge, while the 120 kW charger significantly reduces downtime, allowing for more efficient operations. These stations are engineered to handle higher usage rates, making them a valuable asset for businesses looking to support electric mobility.

High-Capacity Charging: 180 kW and 240 kW

Our high-capacity charging stations, available in 180 kW and 240 kW, are designed for the most intensive charging needs. These stations are ideal for high-traffic areas and large-scale operations, such as bus depots or logistic hubs. With their rapid charging capabilities, these stations ensure that even the largest fleets can remain operational with minimal downtime. Investing in these high-capacity chargers showcases a commitment to sustainable and efficient transportation solutions.

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